What is unique about Think Clear Skin's meditations and lessons?

Think Clear Skin offers you the world’s largest library of meditations that focus exclusively on treating the root cause of acne. TCS’s holistic approach was born out of Kit’s journey with getting rid of acne naturally as an adult. Membership Access provides you with guided meditations and video lessons, based on TCS’s 12 years of research, 250 case studies, the testing of 45 treatments, and Kit’s one-on-one work with professional healers in 4 continents. We aim to help you achieve 100% clear skin and kick-ass self-esteem with a natural acne treatment that combines a medley of positive thinking, emotional intelligence, and visualization exercises, as well as positive affirmations.

How much experience do I need?

None. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, TCS offers you a holistic approach to clear skin with simple and easy-to-follow guided meditations, course lessons, and how-to videos. As a Think Clear Skin Member, you will experience a carefully curated program that shows you how to meditate and boast 100% clear skin that lasts. It’s your birthright!

I don’t think it will work for me. Am I right?...

We understand that it can occasionally be challenging for a Member to imagine themselves with clear skin after suffering from acne for so long. But the reality is that it’s possible for everyone, including you. The latest science from the fields of epigenetics and neuroscience shows that our brains send chemical messengers to our skin every day, hence the emerging field of psychodermatology. As a TCS Member, you will discover how your mind and skin are connected and the many ways that you can get 100% clear skin and kick-ass self-esteem that lasts. Feel free to contact Member Care at hello@thinkclearskin.com for ongoing support as Member.

How long does it take to see results?

You will experience positive results with your skin and self-confidence as soon as you begin Think Clear Skin’s guided meditations and video lessons. How long it takes for a Member to get 100% clear skin depends on various factors ranging from how many negative thought patterns they have, a Member’s level of emotional intelligence (i.e, ability to identify, feel, and release emotions), and how willing they are to do the “inner work.”


Some of TCS’s Fans and Members have gotten 100% clear skin in one week and others in a bit less than a year. We recommend that you focus on making a little bit of progress every day, instead of on the end goal. By taking this kind of pressure off of yourself, you will better manage your stress levels and live happier throughout your journey. Paradoxically, this will speed up your results and make them last! And don’t worry, you can learn to improve your emotional intelligence regardless of what level of EQ you currently have.

Are there any side effects?

Think Clear Skin takes a purely holistic approach to give you 100% clear skin that lasts. You will only experience a gradual improvement in mental, emotional, and physical health. You may occasionally experience some resistance or uncomfortable emotions while reprogramming your mindset for optimal health. However, releasing such feelings and developing a habit of positive thinking has been proven by epigenetics and neuroscience to improve well-being, the skin, and to also increase emotional intelligence.


Most Members come to us because years of suppressing their emotions and holding onto negative thought patterns have caused them skin conditions, anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Members consistently report to us that their skin health improves, stress levels reduce, self-confidence increases and their overall levels of happiness improve within weeks of starting Think Clear Skin’s program.

What if my mind wanders or I get tired?

Although traditional meditation techniques can often be repetitive and trigger an agitated mind, Think Clear Skin’s guided meditations aim to simultaneously relax and engage your mind. Using a carefully designed medley of visualizations, positive affirmations, and emotional release exercises, TCS’s meditations are often considered to be rejuvenating and exciting by our Members.


If your mind does wander or you become tired, it may be the mind’s way of resisting whatever emotions are rising to the surface. Again, we believe all emotions should be treated as equal and that feeling any feeling is a very healthy thing! In fact, most skin problems originate from NOT feeling our feelings. In conclusion, simply take a deep breath and give yourself permission to feel your feelings. Always end each practice by repeating a few positive affirmations to your True Self. As a Member, feel free to contact Member Care for support at hello@thinkclearskin.com anytime.



How can I get comfortable during meditation?

We certainly understand how important it is for your body to feel comfortable during meditation. Generally speaking, please sit any way you’d like that allows you to remain relaxed, yet slightly alert. We normally recommend sitting in a straight-backed chair, on a cushion/ pillow on the floor, or lying on your back (on a yoga mat). If you have any form of chronic pain, perhaps you would like to use a small prop to adjust your body. Ultimately, you’ve got to find a position that suits you and makes meditating with Think Clear Skin an enjoyable routine.

How can I fit the meditations into my busy routine?

A simple way to fit Think Clear Skin’s meditation into your routine is to practice first thing in the morning or last thing before bed. Once you learn how to meditate with us, we hope that you will always look forward to this time of day. In our humble opinion, the best meditation techniques become daily habits quickly because the practitioner loves the results they’re getting! When Members use our guided meditations as their go-to home remedies for pimples, they generally find that it improves their work-life balance while simultaneously making them more successful in all other areas of their life.

How can TCS's meditations improve hormonal acne?

We understand that hormonal acne can be of concern, especially with women. Although it can be tempting to use foods and pharmaceutical medicine to balance one’s hormones and improve the skin, we advise against this. Neuroscience shows that the mind and body are intimately connected. When Members increase their positive thoughts at a subconscious level and improve their emotional literacy, hormones can balance out naturally.


A TCS Membership offers guided meditations for anxiety that can lower chronic stress levels (often associated with hormonal imbalance) immediately. As you lower your cortisol and adrenaline levels, you will also normalize your blood pressure and your heart rate. You’ll release “feel good” hormones (serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine) while increasing DHEA and insulin-like growth factors. Over time, Think Clear Skin’s natural acne treatment brings your estrogen and testosterone levels into harmony. Think Clear Skin’s Members frequently report that the size, intensity, quantity, and frequency of their pimples have reduced significantly. You can also expect your skin’s cellular aging to slow down noticeably the more you meditate with Think Clear Skin.

How can TCS's meditations help with acne caused by allergies?

Meditation techniques are generally considered to be one of the only effective natural remedy for allergies. Practicing Think Clear Skin’s simple meditations for only a few minutes a day can help to balance your immune system. As you integrate TCS’s holistic approach into your lifestyle long-term, you allow your body’s natural intelligence system to discriminate between infectious ingredients and harmless ingredients.


Kit had a long list of foods and external factors that he believed he was allergic to. This belief system only enhanced his allergies and increased his feelings of despair. As an online Member of Think Clear Skin, we will help you to join Kit and an ever-increasing number of our Members in living a happy, self-empowered life with clear skin and vibrant health.