The mind (and heart) are the best home remedies for acne

Section 1: Your Mind's Potential

  • Lesson From The Monks (2:56)
  • Four Major Benefits of Think Clear Skin (4:42)
  • How Your Beliefs Affect Your Cells (5:34)
  • Conscious vs Subconscious Mind (2:33)

Section 2: Triangle of Clear Skin Beliefs

  • Three Core Beliefs That Clear Your Skin (6:36)
  • How Acne-Causing Beliefs Manifest (4:39)
  • Learning From Resistance (5:05)
  • Dissolving Small Limiting Beliefs (6:16)

Section 3: Cleaning The Emotional Pimple

  • How To Release Blocked Emotions (4:32)
  • Let's Practice Together! (3:57)
  • How To Handle The Big Emotions (5:27)
  • Forgiving Others (For Your Own Sake) (3:42)

Section 4: Harmony With Your Essential Self

  • Team Up With Your Inner Selves (6:01)
  • How To Connect With Your Essential Self (3:02)
  • Dealing With Your Inner Critic (2:11)
  • Join Forces With Your Aware and Spiritual Selves (4:40)


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