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About Think Clear Skin

Chris Redding

Chris Redding never thought he would start Think Clear Skin. In fact, he resisted it because his experience with acne was so personal. But when he went from being a pimple-faced actor, struggling in New York City, to having clear skin and living happily with creative freedom, he felt compelled to share his meditation practice.

Over the course of a decade, Redding studied with mind/body healers from four continents— India, Europe, Australia and the US. His experiments with over 45 skin treatments led him to discover Think Clear Skin’s meditations. Some of the approaches he has tried range from antibiotics, topical medication, diet and home remedies to meditation, the law of attraction, hypnosis, NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique, Psych-K, chakra healing and more.

With a degree in visual arts and over ten years’ experience as an actor, Redding’s background makes Think Clear Skin’s guided meditations uniquely engaging.

Think Clear Skin’s Meditations

We carefully craft and produce 5-15 minute guided audio meditations that treat the root cause of acne and increase confidence in the practitioner’s True Self. Our meditations, recorded in HD audio, offer relaxation techniques, positive affirmations, visualizations, and emotional release exercises. Based on modern science and empirical research, Think Clear Skin’s meditations are constantly being improved to ensure success for all of our users.


Think Clear Skin was officially launched in 2017 with one mission: to create a world where every adult has clear skin and confidence in their True Self. We love dinosaurs, but the world is probably better off without them. The same goes for pimples; we love them for the lessons they teach us, but we think the world is better off without them. With members of Think Clear Skin in 10 different countries, and new practitioners joining every day, we are on our way to making acne extinct.

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